Helinet Aviation and Its Helicopter Fleet

Helinet Aviation

Under the leadership of its chief executive officer, Kathryn Purwin, Helinet Aviation has provided quality helicopter services for three decades. Throughout that time, the company has served in a diverse range of fields, from film and television production to law enforcement and medical transport. In all of its services, Helinet Aviation remains dedicated to providing safe and reliable air transportation.

Helinet Aviation's fleet includes the Sikorsky S76, a twin-engine luxury helicopter with a cruising speed of 180 mph and a comfortable cabin capable of holding six passengers. The Leonardo AW109 Power, another twin-engine helicopter that can hold up to six passengers, serves primarily business clients. A third twin-engine helicopter, the Airbus AS355 holds up to five passengers, has a top speed of 130 mph, and offers spectacular 180 degree views.

For information about chartering any of these helicopters or to learn more about Helinet Aviation and its air transportation services, visit <a href='http://www.helinet.com/'>www.helinet.com<\/a>. To speak directly with a customer service representative, call 818-902-0229.